TYLER is lovely. He is a little friend, and quite new at his role in this strange world. Though he does his whole 'Godly status' terrible, he is trying his best. After all, he is only a child. Still trying to figure out who he is in this whole mess, he tries to stay true to how he has always been. Social, kind, and full of boundless love and energy. Barely a teen means he has a lot to put together, but that time will come soon. It will be okay, really. Nothing can bring him down... or any further than he will be.







Poppy is full of energy and curiosity. Thoughts rotate in their mind, a neverending river of consiousness. Though lost and maybe a little bit afraid, Poppy does not want to seem so scared, and tries to seem brave. However, their facade is thin, and it doesn't take anything at all to see that they're afraid. Despite that, they're brave and love to open doors and go into rooms. After all, this is a place of lovely fucked up things, who wouldn't want to dive deeper into such a place?

Tyler's mother. She is not happy, she is never happy. Never ever. Though she has support from her husband, being a mother isn't easy for her. She just isn't the kind of woman who should have more than one child. Tyler takes the blunt of this, and is constantly compared to their older sibling, Gale. Cora is also strict on her views, and once she sees it as one way, it is difficult to change her mind. However, pushing all of that aside, she does genuinely care for her children. She is just bad at it.

This man is a whole different story. Though not in the story much, he is very active in his children's lives aside from what is shown. Daniel is a kind man, and tries his best to help with his wife's parenting issues. Sometimes, however, he can't help but wonder why he even married the woman. And it's not like he's unhappy either, he just wonders if they were even meant to be together. But, that isn't to say he regrets anything he's done with her, and he adores his two children.

One of Gale's friend from college, he takes up a botherly role that Gale seems to put a void into. Mason has been Gale's friend since they were kids, and considers Gale's family an extension of his own... but only through Gale and Tyler. He could care less about their parents, they were never any fun to hang around with. Always confusing and murky in his mind. He wants whats best for Gale and Tyler, but can't seem to find a way to explain what happened to Gale.

Gale's ex-girlfriend, and Mason's now girlfriend. Breaking up with Gale for reasons unknown, but largely hinted at it being problems on Gale's end, she rebounded towards Mason, who shared an equal interest in her with Gale. The two are... interesting, to say the least. They don't act like a couple, but that isn't really anyone's fault. They're young and they are fools... Mason more-so. Roxanne is a strong, i-will-speak-my-mind sort of person, and would not hesitate to do so and cause trouble. Whatever is on her mind, she will speak it.