BILLY/BOSS | it/its | 18 | october 15

About me.

Hi, hello. My name is Bill (Or Billy) and I' m a funny friend. Main interests include Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid. I have many more tiny interests, and I would definitely absorb one of yours if the opportunity arises. I draw mostly digitally, using paper every now and then for doodling, and I also have an interest in pottery. My DM' s are open, feel free to hit me up!

Commissions -- COMING SOON!
Art Trades -- Open*
Requests -- Mutuals/Friends only

*if I take longer than a week to complete my end, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE message me! I am very forgetful and I am prone to forget something. I would recommend holding back on showing me your end of the trade until I complete my end, so I don't forget as easily.

triggers / discomfort topics.

These are topics I don' t want to talk about/words that especially make me zone out or feel a little sick. If you bring it up by accident, I won' t be mad. But, I will give a gentle reminder.

- Talks of Euthanasia.

- Jokes about being disappointed in me.

- Being talked down to like a child, or seeing yourself as a motherly figure towards me.

- The name 'Wolfe.'