MESON'S POPPY is a fantasy comic series featuring the presence of a protective creature and an individual who knows nothing and yet everything at the same time. As they go through the neverending halls of a (seemingly) neverending space, they learn more about themselves that their mind would have not been consious of otherwise. MESONS' POPPY deals with liminal space, the prehistoric, love, and hate. Though subtle, the topics still play signifigant roles.

STAR STAR is a shadow comic series that follows the same timeline as MESONS' POPPY. It comes hand in hand with the series. Though skippable within chapters 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, STAR STAR adds an outside element to MESONS' POPPY, providing more context to the phenomina within the two comic series. STAR STAR deals with topics such as religion, death, gaslighting, and found family.